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Gamestar Mechanic Teacher Blog!


Posted Oct. 25, 2011


Welcome to Gamestar Mechanic’s new Teacher Blog! I’m Katya, Gamestar’s Learning Content Producer.

About this blog

This teacher blog will contain content about Gamestar Mechanic in educational settings: how teachers use it, stories from the field, features of Gamestar, and much more!

A little bit about me

I have a background in teaching ESL, a degree in linguistics, and I’m currently writing my Masters thesis to receive a Masters in Educational Technology Desgin.  I love games, and while I mostly play PC games, mobile, and handheld games, I’m open to trying anything! I’m passionate about learning in innovative and unconventional ways, and also excited to see new intersections of technology and education.

What I do at Gamestar

I produce learning content which means anything from writing lesson plans, to co-teaching in classrooms, to creating videos and webinars to help teachers learn about Gamestar.  My goal with Gamestar Educators Blog and Teachers Website is to share what cool learning content is coming up on our end, but more importantly, ask the educator community for comments and suggestions!  Feel free to comment on any post!  What kind of lesson plans do you want to see? How are you using Gamestar with your students? We want to hear it!