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Games in the Classroom: Education Challenge Grant


Posted Mar. 07, 2012

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Minecraft teacher and his students atop a structure they built

Here’s a quick post about a super grant from Entertainment Software Association (ESA) for teachers to submit lesson plans, submissions and other proposals that incorporate existing video games into school curricula.  So this is not a challenge to make your own game (for that, see the STEM Challenge), but a challenge to create an innovative plan to use existing games in the classroom.

There are a ton of games out there that were created for entertainment purposes but have been used in the classroom.  One classic example is Portal, a physics shooter from Valve that’s been used in high schools and college physics classes.  Another example is the game Civilization III, which has changed the minds of high school students from thinking that social studies is the “most boring subject” to the most interesting.

Tons of other games can be used in the classroom (check out stories on Little Big Planet 2, Minecraft, or World of Warcraft).  And, of course, this competition also encourages lesson plans on existing educational games like Gamestar Mechanic!

Check out information and contest rules here.  You could win big money and even bigger recognition as an innovative and creative educator.




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