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Posted Jun. 05, 2012

CategoryChallenges and Contests


Often playing video games is associated with unhealthy behavior.  There is a strong stereotype of a gamer who stays in the basement, eating junk food and never leaving the house.

So it may come as a surprise to some when Green Ribbon Schools added a game design contest as part of their Healthivores program.  For this contest, Gamestar made some new sprites depicting both healthy foods and fast foods.  The kids who entered the Healthivores contest made use of these sprites in very interesting ways.

Their were over 400 entries to the competition.  The winning game described a war against the “fast foodies,” where the hero (you) learns that apples and other health foods give you nutrients and “special powers” to fight in the war, like running faster and jumping higher.

Check out the competition page and play the games of the winners!

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