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Turn-based Gamestar


Posted Aug. 23, 2012

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I’m constantly impressed by how creative Gamestar Mechanic designers can be. This week the Gamestar staff ran across two superb games in Game Alley. Both of these designers took on the challenge of making a turn-based game using the Gamestar platform. Now, Gamestar can be used to create games in a wide variety of genres including action, adventure, and platformer games, but all these genres are played in real-time. This means, if you take on an enemy, you and the enemy are battling at the same time. Many popular games (think Pokemon) use turn based mechanics where you can do battle turn by turn.

These two designers took the real-time constraint in Gamestar and turned it on it’s head. In these games you can battle bosses in a turned-based way, every turn choosing what kind of action or item you want to take. These games use keys and locks to represent the enemies hit points (health) in a surprising and innovative manner. Truly one of the best parts of working on Gamestar is seeing the brilliant ideas that come out of young designers. Enjoy!

A Turn-Based Game by Omni_builder

Turn-based Combat Example by jec41

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