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Gamestar Gets Political


Posted Oct. 18, 2012

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It’s election season! If there’s one thing we know about politics, they’re hard to talk about – which is why the Gamestar team was so impressed by Stella99 and her game Romney vs. Obama.

The game begins with a mock election in level one: You play the level to decide who to vote for and see the tally of other Gamestar user’s votes. Once you decide who you’ll vote for, you leave a comment and Stella99 updates the level with sprites representing how many votes each candidate gets.

Level 2 is a political mini game. You play as either Obama or Romney and travel around trying to gather votes (points) from citizens. It’s a surprisingly tough level, but very fun!

The coolest thing about this game has been the community’s response. Kids are talking in the comments about how they view politics as a youth, what issues matter to them (“My little brother loves PBS!”), and the latest current events on the election trail. For the most part, the comments have been smart, insightful, and respectful. Stella99 notes in the outro of the game “. . there is no offense intended to either candidate, because I am sure that both candidates are worthy to become president.” If this is not a bipartisan, adult exercise in talking about politics, I’m not sure what is.

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Diane GareyOctober 30th, 2012 at 1:24 pm

I love PBS too, but I really love this game. It’s excellent to get kids talking about the process, and to focus on the act of voting, and the value of a single vote. Among other things, voting boosts one’s self esteem — I hate to hear people say “my vote won’t count.” Whenever I cast a ballot, I feel great. And while it’s rare that an election hinges on a single vote, the vitality of our democracy relies on voters, every last one of us. Great work, Stella99.

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