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Apprentice Badge


Posted Feb. 08, 2013

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Recently, the Gamestar team added two World Badges to the Gamestar Workshop.  The Apprentice Badge is for learners to prove they are ready to start on their pathway to being game designers.  The Mentor Badge is for educators to demonstrate they can effectively lead young game designers on their pathways.

While earning the Apprentice Badge is something that Gamestar players can do by themselves, taking your class through the badge together can be a fun and effective learning experience.

So, are your students ready to identify as game design apprentices?  This lesson plan walks you through the steps you need to have your students earn the Apprentice Badge as a class activity. This badge is portable (part of Mozilla’s Open Badge movement), so you can now show your commitment to others in the Gamestar Mechanic community, AND to fellow designers around the world.

The Apprentice Badge, as well as other badges on the Open Badge system, are representations of learning that may not be normally recognized.  We believe that when kids make games and go through the game design process, they deserve to be recognized for their hard work and the knowledge they gained.

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