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E-Line at ISTE


Posted Jul. 01, 2013



Kerri Schlottman-Bright, our business and partnership development superstar, spent last week with our team at ISTE. Here’s her recap:

A little bit of ISTE instruction

We’ve just returned from a whirlwind three days in San Antonio, where we attended the annual ISTE conference, an exciting event where we’re able to connect with Gamestar Mechanic teachers and other educators from around the world who are interested in doing game design in the classroom. This year, game-based learning was a hot topic, thanks to an incredible keynote given by game designer/author Jane McGonigalwho touted the benefits of games for learning. Over the course of three days, we talked to well over 1,000 teachers who are fired up about using games to engage, educate and empower youth!

In addition to presenting Gamestar Mechanic in the massive trade show that accompanies ISTE, our company E-Line Media also very excitedly announced two new partnerships – with HISTORIA and with MinecraftEdu. Both of these amazing game-based resources were created by teachers for teachers! You can check out their websites for more information on how to bring them to your classroom. For you Gamestar Mechanic lovers, you’ll be happy to know we also announced two extensions to the Gamestar Mechanic platform – one for younger youth and one for high school youth, meaning that starting 2014, Gamestar Mechanic will be available for grades 1-12! Keep checking back here for news on those releases and more, or follow us on Twitter at @GamestarMech.

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