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Posted Jan. 29, 2013

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Today I’m here to tell you about something new and awesome: Playforce.

Playforce is a new online community built for and by players, parents and educators to discover and share learning experiences in games.  We partnered with our friends at Institute of Play to develop this resource, and we’d like to invite you to give it a try at

Here’s how it works:

Players join Playforce to enter their perspectives on their favorite games. Game perspectives are all player-generated, and moderated by a user community. Which means they don’t focus on what experts think is good about game play, but rather on what players know, based on their own collective experience. By putting the experience of players front and center, Playforce lets educators and parents know exactly what to expect from the games they use.

Before they enter their perspectives, Playforce trains players to develop the critical tools to articulate the learning that occurs in the games they love to play, using a language which professionals and other adults can understand… a language which connects to traditional academic standards.

Ultimately, Playforce will provide a searchable database of games with learning potential that allows users to explore games related to specific learning content, academic standards or twenty-first century skills. For anyone looking to use games to achieve specific learning goals, we hope this site will provide an indispensable resource.

Playforce is still in beta, but please stop by and visit Feel free to browse the games, enter a perspective yourself, or tell your students and friends. We need your help to make this site a community for anyone interested in games and learning.