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A Gaming Family


Posted Dec. 15, 2011

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It’s always great to hear stories about families playing games (and playing Gamestar) together.  Our friends over at Science Buddies keep a blog where parents sometimes post on their adventures in science with their kids.  This week, a mom postedabout her sons and their growing interest in game design.  The family is tackling the STEM challenge together, exploring tools like ScratchGameMaker, and Gamestar Mechanic!

Here’s an excerpt about the kids’ experience with Gamestar:

I logged both of my kids in at Gamestar Mechanic one evening, just to see how they would respond to the interface—and to see if it really was as cool as it seemed like it might be. They sat side by side at different computers, each going through the story, and the excitement and enthusiasm was palpable. They loved it! As I moved around doing other things, I was hearing talk about “platform” games and “top down” games and “oh, I’m going to change the gravity this time!”

The whole post is very well-written and links to a number of resources.  Check it out here.