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Posted Jan. 05, 2012

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Nicole's storyboard

Sample student storyboard from Kevin's site

Kevin Hodgson is a teacher in western Massachusetts (my home!) who uses game design in his sixth grade classroom.  Kevin has done a lot of work with game design in general and Gamestar specifically.  In fact, we’ve showcased one of his lessons as an example lesson on our teacher site.

Now Kevin has set up a site of his own documenting his classes use of Gamestar Mechanic for a science video game project.  This site is simple, thorough, and packed with games and videos about his students’ work.  Kevin says:

My hope is that my own sharing out of our science-based video game design project will inspire you to consider doing the same for your students, moving them from the role of “player” into the role of “creator.”

This site takes you through the process from brainstorming to collaborative design to game reviews.  He even speaks to using game design as a catalyst for reluctant writers.

I’m super impressed with this site and I hope it inspires other teachers to present their work in such an exciting and accessible way.  This is something that both student and teacher should be proud of.

Thanks for sharing, Kevin!